Is he mad of me or something? Am i wrong when i kissed him? How can i get him back?

I was talking to my ex about getting divorce from my husband and then went to take a shower and i couldn't prevent myself from looking at him! I just i couldn't and he went out i was changing my clothes and he was surprised because i was in his room and we talked about the old times and suddenly we kissed each other we were like a crazy teenagers then he stopped kissing me for a while and he apologies to me and take his clothes and left me alone with my daughter in his apartment and I'm worried about him since that time.
I don't feel guilty this time because i do it with all my feelings but i don't know what's wrong with him!!!
No one wants to give me some opinions in this question? :(


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  • I am confused about who you kissed? your ex? or your husband? If you are married and kissed someone else that is disgusting and cheating.

    • Cheating? What about my husband who cheating on me since three years and i give him a lot of chances but he failed me so don't blame me now because i kissed my ex if i wasn't miss those feelings from my husband i wouldn't do that!

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    • my ex wife cheated on me twice in the last year of our marriage. I never even thought about doing it to her. I knew I would have to live with my decisions later and didn't let hate and anger control what I did

    • I don't know why i did that with my ex ok maybe because i have feelings for him again or something else but i didn't sleep with him like my husband!

  • Maybe he dosent want too be a home wrecker


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  • yeah. he just kissed a married woman. he probably feels bad about it and like he did something wrong.

  • You are still married that is the problem


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