Can't let go? (question for guys)

I have this totally ex friend/ boyfriend of mine.
Since I met him, four years ago and today, I have felt this connection to him even though he ignores me. Recently, he's announced that he is out of the closet.

I fear I might be obsessed because It's really hard to move on from him especially when I moved on, I hadn't really moved on. I just got so mad at him, that he kept breaking up with me. This is a typical " I don't know what I want" guy. I needed to continue moving forward instead of him holding me back.

I admit, I found someone else to make him Jealous, but then one thing lead to another. I have never moved on from him since. I don't know what is possibly holding me back. I really liked him. I believed I was in love with him. And I told him this many a time even if he didn't say it to me back.

I just don't know how to let go of something, that I've held dear to me. Because he is very dear to me. The first guy I had ever really had true feelings about. One who made me light up all the time. He's a total and complete jerk anymore!

I know I should forget about him but its so hard on the account that I never really had any closure from him, and he won't give that to me. I need help.


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  • See, this is really interesting, because you never loved him, you loved the idea of him.

    He's gay. You had an idea of him, that he was straight, so you had a chance with him. But the idea didn't reflect reality. I doubt he just became gay; you just didn't know him that well.

    The reality is: he's gay, and probably has no interest in you or any other woman.

    I know it's hard, but move on.

    • When I knew him...he said he was Bi...You are right I had no idea...

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