Wtf is my ex doing? Says he doesn't wanna get back together but?

my ex and i broke up. i lost his trust and I've tried for weeks to get him back. he says he doesn't want to and after the 100th time, I've finally accepted it and blocked him on facebook, instagram etc. he was always saying he didn't wanna get hurt by me again, but would do things like wanna go through my phone to see who i was texting (after we broke up), asked if i was dating. now he called me asking why i blocked him on facebook.. even though earlier he told me we shouldn't talk anymore. then asked who were the people i talk to on snapchat. we werent friends on fb.. obviously he was trying to look at my profile and was thinking about me. wth? im gonna go no contact now since we haven't gone longer than a few days without talking/hanging out, so he can REALLY see what its like to no longer have me around


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  • Been in the similar situation as yours. He's still into you but doesn't want to make it seem obvious. he's just checking up on you to see if you've moved on or not. He wants to make sure you're still available so if there's a second chance of going back together, he would snatch that opportunity. What made you lose his trust at first?


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  • He still loves you immensely. that's why he is doing all these.
    He mayb trying to see your reaction... or testin u


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