For the guys,Would you repent breaking up if your ex turned into a really hot chick? So hot that all your friends talk about her and drool?

I am not saying that looks are all what matter. But, I want my ex to at least come back and talk to me once. Just talk, I am not sure if I want to get back with him.

So, I was dating this guy and we were in a very serious relationship. We cared and loved each other alot. But then, his family got to know about me. He is a christian and I am a hindu and his parents who're conservative didn't aprove of me. He stood up for me but things got worse when his dad broke down in front of him and he couldn't take it. So, on his parent's compulsion, he dumped me. I tried to talk to him but he wouldn't respond.
Its been 9 months since and its like I've vanished from his life, altogether. I was really upset and depressed and I deactivated my FB Account... Withdrew from whatsapp and even switched my phone off. None of my friends know about my whereabouts and he too doesnt. A few months back I got in contact with a common friend of ours and he told me that my guy went asking about me to him. ( this friend of mine is a family friend )

I want him to come talk to me. I dont want to go talk to him because if he doesn't reply this time, it'll really break me.
So, my question is, what if I change myself completely? Like get a makeover, look hot like other girls around me? Hot enough that his friends talk about me? Will he repent breaking up with me then? Will he want to at least talk to me?
I was never a clingy girl friend and I always gave him his space cuz I expect some privacy and space myself.
What should I do to make him want to get in touch with me?
I want to just make him want to talk to me. Nothing else. I am not trying to physically attract him and win him over. No! Just a chance to talk. Thats all!!


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  • it's all about the religious indifference. No look would change that. It sounds as though he was accepting, but his parents weren't. maybe you guys could work through that and engage the parents in relenting on their take of it. If you don't try to reach out to'll never know (rejection or not). The feelings were there, it was the insignificant differences that weren't. I'm conservative and Christian, but couldn't see me being THAT opposed to other religions. I couldn't see them hating YOU for that. Maybe reach out to him, and perhaps have a serious conversation with his parents if you two want to have a go at it again

    • Thats exactly what I'm trying. I would even convert if that makes them happy, I don't care! But for that, I have to talk to him and the only possible way is making him come to me because I don't want to feel that hurt if he doesn't reply back again...

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    • your no problem! ;) just stay yourself at least. i'm sure it'll all work out!

    • We can only hope...

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  • No. Becoming hot actually would repel me because not only did I ditch a flower that bloomed well but now I have to hear about it all the time? Never. Your face is the epitome of my poor judgment and I hope it ran over by a lawnmower. Daily. For a month.

    • That really made me smile. :)
      But, wouldn't you try to maybe, correct your mistakes and poor judgement?

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    • No, thank you for being wonderful.

  • For me personally...probably not.


    Because when I am broken up with a girl, it's for mental / emotional / compatibility reasons.

    Just because she became more attractive doesn't mean that we are somehow more compatible!

    • Would you maybe just talk to her? If you broke up because you had no other option and it was because of something that was way beyong your control... Like, parents maybe?
      She was never a bad person and there wasn't any point of time that you were incompatible..

    • If circumstances that caused the breakup changed, then I may talk to her and see where things go.

  • He broke up with you because of his issues. His issues are still there. He is an ex for a reason

    • Yea, I do get that but, I want to just talk to him. Would he maybe say a hi or something if I behave like I'm over him or something?
      I really want to just talk to him?

    • If you are over him you have no need to talk to him

    • Behaving/Showing people something is not actually what goes on in your mind...

  • Do you have the same phone number as before? If not have your friend give your ex. your phone number. That way you don't have to make the first contact.
    Then he can call you if he wants. The ball will be in his court

    • I am not in contact with anyone. I moved out of town, changed my number and no one knows about my whereabouts...

  • Oh he's he would talk to you. If you can get his friends attention he will definitely approach you. i know it works. But wether he will want to talk and clear the stuffs between you two or just to show his friends that he has you , that will depend on the type of person he is. If he still does care (not love) about you in a secret way he will probably tel you to stop talking with his friends.. He will act protective. If not he is just in another dimension in which u arnt.

  •'s not like that. Okay even if it works, you may not won't it. Physical attraction doesn't last longer in men.

    • And if you had serious relationship, you need not have to look hot to gain someone back. I donno your reason for break up but i think he loved you for what you are. Your' physical change doesn't matter then.
      Try initiation from your side.

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    • I know how you ferl right now. You are unable to bear ignorance.
      Then listen to me. Initiate the talk. Why to wait and for what?
      Don't care for the consequences or the result.
      At least in the end you will be satisfied that " yes, i tried my best"
      Keep this famous saying in mind..
      " most of the failures in life is not because of 'not knowing' but because of ' not trying'

    • I've tried not once but a lot of times, 9 months back after the breakup... But he just wouldn't reply.. I stopped because i didn't want to bother him.. He wouldn't call me back.or answer my calls.. What broke me was that the person who I loved so much could do that to me.. I was depressed for over 3 months after that...
      If he does that to me again, I won't be able to hold myself together...

  • Sounds like an immature reason to get back with her. If a girl is bitchy and stuck up I don't care how hot she is. Not for me.

    • I told you the whole reason for the breakup. I was never a bitchy person and I was definitely never stuck up. Please read my issue again, and answer.

  • My ex would have some a decent amount of weight to lose before "hot" could be used to describe her.

    But fat jokes aside, no. No level of attractiveness would bring me back to her. We broke up and I went from being okay with it to hateful once I found out she was a heating cold hearted bitch. It is 99.9% emotional and compatibility reasons why she will be the memory I wish the MIB would make me forget.

    In your case, no level of physical attractiveness can help you. He had to break up with you because of family disapproval. Also, you didn't handle it well AT ALL. Deleting your Facebook and placing blame on him is a no-no. You COULD, COULD have a chance with him once his parents are dead. But I wouldn't count on it. Please learn from this and move on.

  • No not really

  • How will giving yourself a makeover fix the problem with religion and family on his side of things?

    • I just need a chance to talk to him and I feel that if I get a makeover, it might attract him physically and hopefully he'd talk to me.. I'l try and convince him to make me talk to his parents..

    • Then you're attracting him for the wrong reasons using the wrong ways. If you want to talk to him, talk to him. There's no need to put on some act in order to draw him in so that he'll initiate first. I understand there might be culture differences between us, but I don't feel that simply getting a makeover because you're hung up on a guy is the best way to go about things.

    • I am not trying to attract him for the wrong reasons. I cannot talk to him directly because of reason i've mentioned to a few here..
      Besides, thankyou for your time but i really got my answer...

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  • Your physical attractiveness has nothing to do with the issue at hand (your religion). No makeover will change that. It's not always fights or missed feelings that end relationships, it can be the situation at hand, too. That's the case here, and although it's unfortunate, it's the reality of things. You two aren't ultimately compatible. Move on.

    • I want to talk to him. Just talk and I want him to initiate it.

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    • I am trying to move on... I've been trying for the last 9 months and i only recently came up with this thought...

    • Thankyou for your help, anyway...

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