Do people really not understand the meaning of "EX" ?

Do people really not understand the meaning of "EX" ? We see a bunch of these same questions every single day

"how to get my ex to like me again"
"does my ex still ave feelings for me"
"why won't my ex talk to me"
"if I change would my ex take me back"

Come on people they are your ex for a reason and 99% of the time that has nothing to do with looks. That bridge has been burnt behind you get past it an move on and just try one of the other several billion people on the plant!

Ok done my

Does this same repetitive question bug anyone else?
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  • NO I don't think people should ever let go of there ex's an move on
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  • The ones about "Why won't my ex talk to me?" are the ones that baffle me the most. I think:

    "Umm, well you broke up and he/she is now an ex. I imagine they don't really want to keep having conversations with you. And they're not obligated to talk to you anymore anyway, soooo yeah..."


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What Girls Said 6

  • I think some people ask these questions because they are afraid of changing and meeting someone new. They don't want to have to reintroduce a new guy or girl to their family and they are afraid of dealing with the fact that their ex has moved on. in some cases it is also an ego thing, they chase their ex just to see if they can still get them

  • The poll options are stupid. Many people split and realize they belong together therefor get back with their ex. I don't see anything wrong with people who aren't over their ex. But I also don't agree that they should never move on.

  • Lol the poll options kind of aren't fair... Because they don't annoy me but I certainly don't agree that you should never move on...

  • It's really easy to say you should get over your ex. But for people who either get attached easily or have had a very serious relationship, it can be very hard.

    I'm almost over my ex, but it took me a very long time to get here. Even now, I'd typed "over my ex" but went and added almost to it.

    I could easily ask people who whine about their ex to get over them but I can relate because I remember how crazy I was about him after the relationship ended. I used to speak about him more than I spoke about anything else! It was insane.

    • But I've come to realize that asking questions about your ex will not help you get them back
      All those "tips" don't work.
      Looking hotter might get a shallow ex's attention but will never get him/her to stay.
      Enjoying more might make them wonder what went wrong, but they won't come back.

      The bottom line is, all these things don't change the reason why you broke up. They don't even change the person you were when you broke up, the person they were and the people you are now.

      Even if you do get them back, be it in a few months, or even years, unless the circumstances change, the end to the relationship will always be the same.

      The day people realize this; they'll stop asking about their ex.

  • Thank god! I just love you ! I have seen it! Its like math it always looks for X

  • It bothers me sometimes when the questions seem unclear. Like, "why are they doing/saying this?" and then you answer and it's all "oh I'm over them I'm just curious" -_-


What Guys Said 2

  • Lingering emotions require just as much attention as current ones.

  • I agree 100%.


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