How do you stop being depressed after you're break up that lasted one year and nine months?

It really hurts. I can't tell my family because they never knew him. I'm losing my appetite and have no friends. All I'm allowed to do at home is nothing so I'm in my room crushed. It's my fault he broke up with me and refuses the thought of going back out. He was my first love, he gave me my first kiss, he made me feel loved.


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  • 1. You can't stop being depressed you have to start being happy despite the depression and happiness begins with pretty much forcing yourself to appreciate what you do have. It won't be fast it won't be easy it takes time and perseverance. at least once a day stop and try to think of three things you appreciate. From your best friend talking to you yesterday to how easy doors are to open thanks to the invention of the door handle to your mother for bringing you into this world. It'll build a pattern in your life to help you focus on the good (as a formerly deeply depressed person I promise if you stick with it it'll help)
    2. You lost something important it happens and it hurts but no matter how sad it is or how bad you want it to be different it happened. And you have to accept that. You made choices and nobody can predict if things would have been better if things happened differently you just have to accept what happened. You have to cope with the way things are.
    3. Look at yourself. You're not dead which means you still have a future. A future that can be filled with great happiness. This pain is only temporary and the more situations like this you encounter the better you become at coping with it. That is if you try.
    4. Try. Don't give up and don't give in. As long as you try things will eventually get better. Even when things seem to get worse as long as your trying things will eventually get better.


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  • I feel what you're going through, sweetie. I had a First Love when I was 13, and we were together for 3 years. After we split, I was Very Much in the situation you are Right Now. And because I had written him a Dear John letter, I had to live with this for many years And many guys...Who never meant a hill of beans to me.
    Being you feel it was your doing as to why you both split up, give this awhile. It's still fresh yet, feelings and words have been dampened. In a few weeks, contact him to see how he is, and perhaps Then you both can at least Talk. There's always a chance to reconcile.
    If not, keep your mind busy with other things. Don't let yourself suffer to the point where your family Will Start to notice that something is terribly wrong. Please, don't worry them. Be strong. Call a friend and find someone to talk to. Maybe they would allow you to at least spend the nite with a girl friend.
    I feel what you do. I have been through this in my life. But like me, you will survive, I promise. Every day the wounds will heal a little more, and eventually even the scars will disappear. Someone someday is out there who will also love you.
    Good luck.xx


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  • Exactly how I feel right now I'm in the same situation just try and not do anything stupid for god sake, do things with friends try and put your mind off things, work on your confidence or self esteem... Good luck things will get better over time.


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