Should my Ex accept my FB friend request?

I waited 3 months for this girl to break up with her BF.

I lost my crush for her over the 3 months of waiting but didn't turn down her advances because I knew she was going to sex me up.

Then She asked me out after she broke up with her BF. We started dating and sex was so intense.

We dated for 1 month and then I suddenly broke up with her for another girl.

I just told her although sex was amazing, that I lost my crush waiting for her and this doesn't feel right anymore. But I didn't want to lose her as a friend.

Then I sent her a FB request because she was a good friend to me for 1 year before we hooked up. I still want to be her friend.

Should my Ex accept my FB friend request?
  • Yes, she should accept my FB friend request
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  • No, leave the past in the past, leave her alone
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  • i don't know why you care if she accepts it or not... its not like Facebook dictates who your friends are or not. personally, if i was your ex i would not accept it.

    • Well, she was my friend and she is cool.

    • don't let that decide if she is still your friend or not lol.

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