I'm having a difficult time to move on from a relationship that ended two months ago? Help!

After being in a long distance relationship for 8 months, my ex broke things off on March 9th I believe and told me that he could no longer do this anymore and that he loved me. As hurtful as it was I accepted his wishes. We kept arguing nonstop back in Feb over a lot of petty things, but one of the main things we argued about was my mom always trying to run my life *that's another story*. Anyways after the breakup, he kept txting me randomly which kinda confused me a bit cause he dumped me so it had me thinking like why is he tlking to me all of a sudden. However the convos were pretty nice and friendly so then I thought that maybe he's just being nice. When we always talked however, I still had strong feelings for him and wanted to tell him that he was still in my heart *still is* but I pushed the feelings away cause of fear that he might not feel the same way. I talked to my good friend about it and she said that it's best to let him know that he's still in your mind and heart, but like an idiot I refused. So one day she text him *w/o my knowledge* and asked him?'s. Later on that same day, I text him asking if we could pls tlk to him about something important cause there is a lot from my heart that needs to be said. He immediately gets angry and said "so the day your frnd text me asking?'s the day you finally text me 1st to talk?" and then said no. I was insanely confused. After the argument, I left him alone for 2days to cool off. I confronted my friend about her going behind my back asking him?'s about us. She said she didn't mean to cause trouble, but just wanted to help and apologized. About 3days later I asked if we could pls talk. He agreed but the convo didn't go well. After I told him how I felt, he totally rejected me saying I took too long and dont want a relationship right now and wanted to be friends. Like a fool, I still love him but Im having a hard time trying move fwd and forget what happened between us...any advice? Thanks
He also blocked me off his FB and IG. My frnd told while she was asking him questions, she asked if he still loved me and said yes but he felt that I didn't care for him anymore cause I never did check up on him 1st after we broke up?
I was insanely confused when he told her that. So Im guessing the reason he got mad at me is cause he felt that I set him up but i had NOTHING to do w/ her asking him questions about but he just wouldn't listen to a word I was saying </3


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  • I think that first off what you need to do is sit down and tell yourself that you are not going to think about him. Then you need to do something that takes your full focus and just work on it. If that works or not, the most important thing is that you get out there and try to move on by finding someone else. Chances are you're just infatuated and you just think it's love.

    • Im not really ready to get out there to date again until Im fully healed plus he always told me that if something were to happen to us, he wasn't going to date again but I think he was just saying it so that I wouldn't feel bad or something, but I have the strongest feeling that he is seeing someone else

    • Sorry if this might sound harsh, but chances are he moved on. In my experience, a female's intuition is infinitely better than a guys, so you could be right. Follow your gut, it seemed right before. I didn't mean move on right away, but once you've put the idea into your mind that you are going to move on, then you should try and find someone else.

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