What should I do? I want her back but how? Should I?

Ex broke up with me 4 months ago after 11 months together. Said she just didn't love me like she used to. It hurt we both cried and broke up. She said she still wants to be my friend and I reluctantly said yes cuz even though she broke my heart I still love her n feel i need to be there for her. After the first 2 months every time I tried to talk to her she ended up upset cuz I said something that made her feel bad. She would ask how I was doing and I would say terrible not like I was mean to her just fyi. She was acting like I broke up with her. About a month ago her grandfather passed. I found out through my parents not her. I called her and she told me I said I knew and that's why I called but when I asked if I could attend the rosary she was hesitant. My family knows her family and wanted to go but asked if things were ok between us for them to go so I told her and then she said yes. When it was just me she was unsure but once I told her she agreed. I went and it was hard to see her but I did it cuz I love her and want her to know I'll be there. I was hurt that we're supposed to be friends and she didn't know if she wanted me there or even call to let me know. So I called her later and asked if we were friends like she wanted because her reactions to me lately seem to suggest otherwise. She got upset and hung up. Later we talked and she said we were friends. Since then we have been talk casually now and it seems better. Now it's summer and I want to try and get back with her. I don't know how since she broke up with me. I know I should just move on but the heart wants what the heart wants. I've tried dating and no one else compares. I don't know for sure but I think she still has feelings for me based on her attitude. I'm the one supposed to be hurting but I feel like Im acting extremely mature. I just want her in my life again and need help on how help


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  • Listen up. She hungs up her phone to you, she avoids contact and she didn't want you to attend her grandfather's funeral until you excused yourself with your family. She's trying to be distant because something else is going on. I know because I've done this before, I'm a girl and I can't see where this is going. If you really want her back you don't have to go on desperation mode and search videos on YouTube (for fuck's sake) on how to get your life back together. It's your life and not some YouTube channel who wants views based on their shit ass videos. You want her back? Go tell her what you just wrote down here. Your heart what it needs. You've tried to get over this seperation, tried to move on but it's impossible when you still have feelings for her and care so much for her well being. Just say all the things you wrote here, this is the only way you'll admit your love to her and make her really consider you back into her life. The no contact method won't work either. It's stupid. If you're the one looking for her then she won't give a shitfuck if you don't anymore because she is mostly avoiding you by not telling you things. Go out for a walk with her. As two people who want to hang out. Buy her coffee or whatever, walk around and pour your heart out. If she doesn't understand then you my friend need to move on with your life because she broke up with you for her own good and not for your mutual good.

  • Try the no contact method it's hard but it's totally worth it.. Google it and learn more about it, trust me it's really effective.. 2nd thing go to YouTube and search for he to get your ex back videos they're really helpful.


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