How to stop falling back in love with my ex?

I recently broke up with my ex, after about 6 months of being in relationship he told me that honestly he's confused with his feelings and not ready of commitment or even falling in love he's too afraid to tell because it might hurt our friendship.Since we both have the same close friend. He still kept on hanging into me, I tried to forget him, so I said to him I'm letting him go but 2 days later after not texting one another I gave in and text him back. I said maybe we should remain friends, I'm not that bad of a person to castaway you just like that since we're both co-worker and we'll cross paths with one another frequently.

We're now reconnecting through text, there's bit of flirting here and there.At first everything was so fun we texted like to say good morning and such but it gradually starting to stop. He's online but he rarely text, and I keep on hoping he would text first. It seems I'm the one that are doing the texting first rather than him. Probably I'm the one that hoping so much that he would fall in love, I'm too comfortable talking to him. So I really need solutions how to stop, move on and just be like that without any needy feelings?


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  • If you really want to stop and move on have you tried stopping and moving on?

    Not to point out the obvious but if being in constant communication with this dude is fucking with you and you don't want to be fucked with then stop communicating for awhile...

  • If you want to get over him, cut off contact. Seriously. No pics, no talking, no texting, no hanging out. In about a year, you'll be able to look at him and not feel any stirring.


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