Okay so my girlfriend and i broke 3 weeks ago , and i don't know if it was because that i hurt her or that she took it as an excuse?

we were at my friend's house which she just met and i got drunk and got drifted away with the jokes and then said things that i shouldn't say , the other day she said i don't ever wanna loose u but i'm not okay , the next day she broke up with me. i was really shocked by what she did and i kept apologizing , but she had made her mind , the next she spoke to me about her future plans about gaining weight. i left her a week with no contact and then talked to her , she said look i really miss u like crazy but i don't want to get back.


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  • That was the final straw for her. She's peobabaly been having doubts about you guys for a while now but that was the final straw for her and she ended it


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  • The straw that broke the camel's back comes to mind when you hurt her again when drunk. Also some believe alcohol is truth liquid to make things worse. Apologies can't call hard toed boots back after they trample someone.

    Think about this before forging a plan to get her back: seems that the only reason she "stays fit" is to attract a guy like you, so both this affront and the attraction to eat whatever whenever is sending her away. IF you get her back, she might get even by eating to fatness.

    There ARE gals out there with more a sense of humor that can dish it out when you do = even more funny, noone gets hurt and these might include some that don't think about food constantly.


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  • If she broke up with you just for the jokes then she isn't worth it because you need a girl who has the same sense of humor as you so y'all can joke around.


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