Ex-boyfriend is acting weird, help?

Me and my ex boyfriend have both just graduated and got back in touch. We've been out of contact for about two years. He broke up with me.

He approached me out of nowhere and apologised for everything he did and said he regretted everything and hadn't stopped thinking about me. I was unsure, the split hurt me a lot. But we hung out a lot and we ended up hooking up a couple of times. He said he loved me again. We had a great couple of months together again.

The thing is, I have a job offer in Singapore. He can't afford to follow me, and he has work here. He has told me that he cares about me so much, he wants me in his life. But he knows we won't get married because we are going to different countries, and he knows the split will be messy so he would rather end it now so we can stay friends. He stresses that he wants me to stay in contact.

This was all a month ago. Recently when we've talked we have tried to stay platonic. He told me that we are doing a great job at being friends and he is so glad we're working as friends. He said its hard for him to adjust but he's getting there. But sometimes the conversation shifts to the relationship, but whenever I talk about the relationship he goes silent and starts answering with just "yeah" and "lol"

I'm just wondering what that says? Is he over things? Is he still into me and trying to get over me?


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  • I mean, from his words it sounds like he's trying to get over you and just be friends. Or he is possibly hoping you'll change your mind about the job.

    At the end of the day, does it change anything? Would you give up the job for him?


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