So, I just had sex with my ex?

I literally just had sex with my ex boyfriend today.

I think I've made a horrible mistake though, because... I'm still in love with him. And he's not in love with me.

It was kinda my intention to sleep with him today and then just stop contacting him, but I'm not sure if that will make him miss me or want me back, as I thought he would.

What should I do now? I know that everyone will be like "get over him, stop talking to him" etc, but we have a history of over two years and we were best friends.

I won't give up that easy, so please don't comment if you are going to tell me that. I want help.


Most Helpful Guy

  • when did you break you up with him?
    if it is a long time ago then you may be in love with him?
    take a free time away from him and see what'll be his reaction like
    that's the best thing to do now

    best regards

    • It is exactly one month ago since we broke up. It was first a mutual decision, but I regretted it, so I told him how I felt, but he does not feel the smae way :( I'm considering about a month of ignring him right now..

Most Helpful Girl

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What Guys Said 3

  • Girl...I had a history with my ex too. I gave her 3 chances and she dumped them all. Yesterday we broke up for good. You made a huge mistake sleeping with him. there's nothing else we can say to you.

    • What do you mean by chances?

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    • Okay :(

    • I'm sorry girl. I really am. I broke up with mine yesterday and feel like shit too. You're not the only one.

  • not giving up doesn´t help much, if he has no feelings for you anymore :(

  • That doesn't sound like X to me.


What Girls Said 3

  • If he doesn't want a relationship with you, you can't make him. It doesn't help that you are still sleeping with him, he has it good

  • even though you are still in love with him,,,, he no more loves you..put that in mind

  • There's nothing you can do. the more you let him in your life the less you will get over him. The only thing you can do is distance. If you want to self destruct like you are currently doing by opening your legs for him then it's your call.


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