Rejecting ex's family's attempts at contacting me?

Recently, I have noticed recently a number of my exs family have been contacting me through social media. It has been a bit of a snowball with one adding me and i politely responded, and now others have started connecting etc.

It is now 2 years since he left (we were together 6 yrs, met in highschool and were each others first love). His family were devistated and kindly sent me their support when they heard the news that my (ex) boyfriend had ended things. They were always so lovely to me and his mother told me she always considered me like a daughter.

Trouble for me is that it is still somewhat upsetting to hear from them and especially recently from his mother. While it has been sometime since things ended and i am now with someone else, i have had trouble getting over the split and prefer instead to ignore and forget (yes this is my problem not theirs).

Should i/how can i bring this up either with my ex or family? I appreciate they just want to see how i am but even with changing settings etc i can see i love yous between him and his new gf and its bringing up the past which id be happier leaving in the past. I feel it would be rude to just "block" them without reason.
Any ides? Have you been put in this situation before?


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  • ever thought about just telling them, what you told us here?

    • As i was writing this I was thinking that but thought prehaps it was too honest? Mostly im worried about revealing to them that maybe i haven't moved on as much as maybe the pictures/profiles etc suggest. Im battling with the head vs heart thing a little with this one.

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    • Yeah thats essentially my aim. Just a bit nervous about it all and how to go about it. Im probably overthinking it really. Thanks

    • i know this kind of situation... it takes forever to get over it, if they remind you of him every day

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  • just block them...past is the past


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