Why did he do that knowing how I felt?

So my ex and I broke up in January and became friends with benefits in Feb. I thought we were getting close again but then we stopped for a week and I asked if we could still continue he said no then reluctantly said he's talking to a new girl which confused me because a couple of weeks before he said "no fish are biting" and asked if I was talking to anyone. After this he shut me out then stopped talking me because he "hated" me. What's with the coldness if he's seeing someone and why the friends with benefits if he knew what sex really means to me?


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  • Friends with benefits with an ex?
    Well, I'm pretty sure both are bad ideas.
    Eventually no matter what, the best situation with friends with benefits will become dicey, because humans have these things called insecurities and emotions.
    Don't be lazy about having friends with benefits, he's probably just trying to keep the pussy before he finds a new one; and he probably did just that -because you gave it to him and let him.

  • Not sure this guys actions can be rationalized. Im sorry he fucked you over like this. He seems like a prick who isn't worthy of a woman like you. forget him


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