Did I get dumped or am I paranoid?0_o?

I knew him since childhood and he says he's always had a crush on me. I always thought he was a nice person. He was my cousins best friend growing up. He said he has been admiring me through the years and reminded me of things and event I didn't know he knew about. It was surprising and yet sweet. I being older got married had children and now divorced. My ex left me an emotional reck. And for years I've been pulling myself back together. We met recently as we are both adults now he in his mid 30s and me in my late 40s and began talking. We started seeing each other casually and after time intimately...we really enjoyed each other sexually and our interest seem to be similar. He told me one day that he had a family situation that needed his immediate attention. ( this was true) and we would not be able to see each other for awhile... He gave a time frame as to the situation and I was on board with it. However as time lapse his attitude was changed saying he needed time for himself saying that it had nothing to do with me telling me we are fine..He said he was going through something at the moment and he doesn't know how long it will take. He still prefer I call him to cheer him up but we haven't been together facee to face in two months since the time was up. I'm wondering if the age difference is bothering him ( he say no)
I asked if it was someone else (he says no). He gets annoyed at the questions I ask... I'm feeling really insecure about it and I'm feeling like I'm losing him...can someone give me some kind of insight into what it could be really happening? Any suggestion


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  • You didn't clarify what the family issue was that he was dealing with, but some people deal with drama differently. Some are able to go about like and balance the good and the bad, and others retreat and need time to themselves. You can either give him time, or you can move on.

    If he doesn't have a problem with age then neither should you. But I will say, if you keep projecting that he has a problem with age...eventually he will because you helped to create that.

    • His parents are elderly and health is failing

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    • Thanx...

    • Ur welcome

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  • He need space. Give that to him


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