the good the bad and the ugly, help?

I had been seeing a guy for quite a while but things were tense because he still seemed unsure about what would happen with his ex (his very first ex too by the way, they had also been together very long time). We had a really good time together, listened to each other, really developed what I think would be a connection. However when asked if he loved me he would say he "could" love me instead of saying that he does. He started getting jealous about talk of other guys and when I told him they're all just friends he said "good" even though we weren't exclusive. in any case, is jealousy got crazy and he essentially blamed it on me. Broke up off and two weeks later he drunk dials me, but ends up just swearing at me. This is not the kind of person he is at all, but that was the last time we talked because I told him not to call me. I just wish I knew why he acted like this.


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  • Ugh just leave his ass. Let him get over his ex and grow up a little. He could end up using you

  • Oh well, he has his EX to worry about? He has jealousy issues if he gets mad because you're talking to friends that happen to be men and you're not even exclusive with him.. You need to drop this pain in the guy, too much baggage bleh..

    • pain in the as$*

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