Why are some girls like this and what do they really want?

Why are some girls so fucking shallow. My girlfriend just broke me with by a text. I was always there for here when ever she need me, I never lied to her I was always honest with her, when ever she said she was fat ugly I told her she wasn't I told her everyday she was pretty I told her everyday I love her. Why why did she do this, and what do girls really look for in a guy


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  • Unfortunately i'm in the same boat as you're in about why some girls are like that, maybe it's simply that there just nasty people. Sometimes they want some better looking, more money, smarter, but there's someone for everyone, and maybe that better guy some girl is looking for will be you. I can't speak for other girls but I know what i look for in a guy is kindness, a sense of humor, ambition (but not arrogance), intelligence, and most importantly someone who accepts me for me. Of course looks play into it, but it's not the most important thing. You just need to find someone who appreciates what you have to offer, and breakups are painful but think about it that she obviously didn't appreciate you, and now someone else can.

    • It just hurts so much and part of me doesn't want to move on part of me still wants her but I also wanna move on and hoping I can find someone new

    • Well take your time, till you feel like you're ready, there's no timetable as to how soon or how late you have to be over it, whatever's best for you. And you can also take time to reflect on what good things you liked about the relationship, what drew you to her, and the bad things so you know what you're looking for and avoiding in your next relationship, goodluck in your future :)

    • Thanks for ur advice :) and I will take my time, and good luck to you too. :)

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  • In this life, you are almost inevitably going to experience breakups unless you are super lucky not to. I know this situation is painful, but in time it won't be and you will find someone else...i promise. I think she at least owed you a face to face conversation. But being that she didn't even give you that, it says something about her character. But all you can do is try your best to move forward.

    • True it's just hurts so much she would so such a thing

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