Do you guys think I did the right thing?

My "boyfriend" (well my ex now) and I were skyping at 3am, then I heard his phone vibrated 3 times and he didn't pick it up, I knew it was a text msg, couple seconds later the same person that messaged him called, and he lied saying he don't know who it is, it was an unknown number, which I knew was a lie. The next day I was having attitude when he called because of the lie, so I asked for the last time who was calling you so late, he's gonna come with "ok I won't lie, it was one of my friends" which was a female. Anyways, lately every time we're talking his phone vibrates and I'm fed up, he always wanna talk asking me about my day at 9 10 in the nights now and I'm sick and tired of him. I left him last night and he won't leave me alone, he called me a spoil brat. We were together for 2 years. Do you guys think I did the right thing by leaving? Or do you think we could've work it out?


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  • ok first off if he's lying then you can pretty much bet he was cheating cause if it was one of his female friends then there's no reason for him to hide it from you & sec you dont deserve to be treated like that, you did the right thing & stand your ground, once a cheater always a cheater.. if you wanna talk, kik me Mike_CENA, ps i won't hit on you, just talk


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  • I don't know your bf but if he is a gamer like me and has Skype then it could be a friend from a different time zone, i have several friends with 7-10 hours difference so i got quite a few messages on Skype from them (skype also makes your phone vibrate) and i do think you overreacted its possible for guys to be friends with girls :p and last it could also be a girl with intrest in him while its not mutual
    And if you want to be sure yust ask him if you could see those messages/texts
    If he has nothing to hide he will show it without a doubt
    But yust talk to him about it, especially since it has been 2 years and then breaking up becuase a girl texts him?
    Try to controle your jalousie ;) you dont own him


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