How do you get over someone you love when the reason you are no longer together is beyond your control?

I have two guy friends, Ed and Jess. Both have broken up with there girlfriend.

Jess lives with his family and wants to continue living with his family even after marriage. His ex girlfriend is a different race. He really does love her but he isn't able to give her what she wants and that is to get married. He knows she might not easily fit in with the family and his parents wouldn't accept her. So they both broke up but he feels lonely and sad about the whole thing.

Ed been in a relationship with this girl for 12 years. He didn't tell his family about her because they families never really liked each other (romeo and juliet type of thing). She moved to another country during which his parents were talking to him about getting engaged to a close family friend. His girlfriend hears of the engagement and breaks the relationship off. The engagement breaks off because he was still obsessing over his ex gf (his ex fiance didn't tell his family why she broke it off just that she wasn't ready). He says nothing could happen between his ex gf and him. He is still moaning after her. He is a writer so he writes poems about her. He still obsesses over her.

How do I help both these guys out. I know what they did was they fault but in a way they love they parents and can't see themselves doing anything against their wishes.


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  • you can't really do anything, but encourage them to follow their hearts. they need to do what is best for them, not what is best for their families.


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