Why does my ex keep talking to me?

My Ex keeps talking to me. It's been 4 years since the bad break up. 4 years of games and manipulation and stabbing me in the back. Yet she keeps on going. Out of the blue she will get in touch with me, then argue more, well try to argue with me. What is her problem? ( she screwed me over )

It's not like I didn't want her back. I gave her plenty of time and chances. Yet she feels she needs to keep coming back.

I don't give her any kind of support. She tries to talk about her issues and I tell her to stop being an idiot they are your choices. I don't make her feel good about herself.

Many times she goes off and says shit about the new people not working because they are not me. ok? She doesn't want to fix things so why keep going?

And this chick isn't a cast out or anything. she's attractive, gets approached all the time and has plenty of friends..eventhough she's a huge bitch. My attention isn't that great and I'm not dumb enough to let her milk me to solve her issues.

Im pretty much -_- every time she does reach me.


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  • Sounds like she's keeping tabs on you

    • I dont even let her know about my life, And she doesn't even ask about it. She tries to tell me hers and im like " yeah I dont care"

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    • Just start being the oppsite toward her

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