What stage of breakup is this? Is it going to end?

I just ended a relationship of 3 years with my bf who cheated emotionally on me constantly. I think it had turned physical too. It's been about 2months now. I don't want to talk to him but yet I do. I want to see him but yet I don't. That is how I am feeling now. I have really grown to like being single. At first I wanted him back so badly. After he didn't try hard to get me back I realized that I should not try,

What stage of the breakup am I in? I want him to want me back and I am happy being single now at the same time. I still think of the happy moments and intimate moments we had. I just know for me to want him back he would have to dramtically change but we had such a connection.


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  • I've often considered a break-up to follow the Kubler-Ross 5 stages of grief-loss. So if I held to that spectrum I'd say you are at bargaining. (step 3) sort of back and forth trying in a more or less one on one argument with yourself. "well he was this, but he was this" kind of thing.


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  • this is what i like to call "Frustrated Attraction"... you know you're done with him and you probably need closure, maybe in the form of him wanting you and you turning him down. but really, you just need to close that aspect because if you don't and still don't find closure, you'll hurt a lot of good people around you for his mistakes. just Move on, its hard but its possible.

  • I don't understand the concept of emotional cheating but think my last gf though I had been doing that as I never actually had sex with any other girls or she was just upset that she though I had wanted to have sex with other girls.
    anyways I'd say your in the stage where your not over him yet but realisitically are ready to date someone new maybe or at least don't feel the need to be in a relationship as you said you enjoyed being single


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