Would you be jealous if ex bf was suddenly friends with some really popular girls?

I seem to live a crazy life , I broke up with this girl a few months back but were still sort of friends or she keeps talking to me in public.

anyways I've meet some other girls at local pub since the break up. some of them are really popular high status socially girls , parents have money or businesses in town. there really out of my league but we seem to have fun at local pub anyways. but one of the girls is like super popular and like a celebrity around here very famous , sort of a professional athlete been to Olympics recently.

anyways on Friday I saw these girls at local bar and talked to them , at one point me and really popular girl and her gf were at bar really close to each other ( so close our arms were like touching ) and they did a shot together. like the whole bar noticed and was really surprised to see us all together as it appeared we were close friends or such. everyone in town knows her and like couldn't believe I was hanging out with her. nothing happened obvivously the one girl has a bf and I did talk to other girl later that night but only as friends when we were ordering some late night food

also the ex gf oddly arrived at same bar after I had hung out and was with those girls when they did shot , I talked to her but never mentioned I had been with those girls but I think she must of found out later on that night and like got jealous or something cause I haven't heard anything from her , do you think she got jealous that I was hanging out with super cool and girls more popular than her?
  • yes i'd be jealous and want him back
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  • yes i'd be jealous but more cause i'd want to be friends with them but not want him back
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  • no i wouldn't care
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  • She might be jealous but that doesn't necessarily mean that she wants you back. She could just feel her intelligence was insulted when she didn't realize that even the really popular girls would want to hang out with you.

    • maybe but she's and her sister are the type of girls that being popular is really important to them , me and her both sort of live outside of town and don't know everyone in town. they seem to be trying to becoming more popular and meeting all the cool people at local bars. I agree I don't think she though I could possibly meet any of the higher status girls in this area

    • You are fortunate to meet them and a lot of high status girls and guys don't care if somebody is low status and will associate with those who have lower status.

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  • Depends on who broke up with whom, how long you were together, whether or not she's moved on, etc.

  • I really don't care for popularity or my ex's.

  • No. He's my ex. It doesn't mean anything to me who he's spending time with


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