I found out that my ex is talking to his "ex" before me again - am I overreacting?

So I was at lunch with my ex today (and some of his friends) then I went with my ex to his dad's house. I was sitting next to him and I saw him snapchatting the "ex" before me that he claimed that he no longer cared about while we were dating. I could tell he still did though I never said anything about it which was a mistake on my part. I was crushed when I saw him snapchatting her. Should I be mad or upset over this? Yes, I know that we're both single again but to me, it just shows that he was never over her while we were dating. Even if they were just friends.

We broke up almost a month ago and I know for a fact that they stopped speaking before I started dating my ex (they weren't speaking for a good 8, almost 9 months). He deleted her number, blocked her on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram during this time; but I would catch him creeping on her on Instagram and Facebook and we knew one of her roommates and he would always look over her phone probably trying to see if she was talking to her and he would perk up whenever she would bring her roommates up.

So how should I react about this? Again, I know we're both single BUT to me it just shows that he was never over her during my relationship with him and I feel absolutely awful thinking about it.


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  • Don't get into that psychology. Never never never.
    Was he never over her or what? What if we find out the answer. What can it help you?
    This is not your concern anymore.
    This will not help you. Move on. Ex is sex, because there is a always good reason.


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