Why would my ex tell me about other girls?

My ex broke up with me about a month ago over life and career conflicts though he wouldn't possibly be leaving where we live for another eight months. He really wants me as a friend still so I gave him a chance to see how being friends goes. Today, he was talking about how he was at the dance floor feeling like an idiot a few nights ago. He said that girls didn't seem interested in him though he still had fun at the bar. Why would he tell me this?

Also, he told me he got a Tinder recently and that he told me when he got a match. Why would he also tell me this?


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  • He would tell you about other girls to gauge your interest in the matter. Is it ok to talk about girls with you, do you get jealous, maybe he was just trying to get a compliment out of you?

    This is one of the reaons why it's not a good idea to be friends with an ex. You second guess these things, and are doing a dance until you either get back together or things completely implode and you don't part on good terms. Do try to second guess everything so much, is my advice.


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