If you knew your SO was moving and that would be end, what would you do?

I knew the girl I have been seeing might be moving to the other side of the country. But I didn't think it was likely. Today I found out that it is probable. It would happen in a couple of months and I am not good with detaching from emotions and I can't figure out if it would be best to break things off now or wait until she moves. Either is going to suck but I think waiting would be more painful.
She wanted to move, and I supported her to do that since thats what she said she wanted. The things that I thought would keep her here eventually did just that. The biggest being family. So things worked out for me. Hope some luck comes your way.


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  • That's the situation I'm in now. My bf of over a year is moving to a different country at the end of the year. I also
    Don't know what to do. End it now and begin to move on sooner or spend more time with him and get more hurt when it ends. It's a tough choice and im sorry you're in the same situation. Let me know what you're going to do. I need advice too!

    • He's thirty, it's not impractical for him to migrate is it?

    • It's not that easy. I can't speak for him, but in my case, I have a job, a house, family, friends. It's easy to say move with them but so hard to do

    • Thanks for most helpful

      What did you decide to do?

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  • So there is no way you could go with them, even at age thirty? In the biblical story if Ruth Naomi said to Ruth where ever you will go I will go, they were as close a two women can be with out being lesbian (they both were married to men)

  • are they definitely going?
    why not go with them?


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