Ex-Girlfriend giving mixed signal of getting back together?

My ex and I broke up for almost 2 months now. I used to chase and plead on her. She asked for space but I was not be able to give it right away coz she dumped me immediately so I think got the separation anxiety and started to do all I can to win her back. However, after a month of chasing her I stopped. I caught her in lesbian website and she told me she is already seeing someone else. She wants us to be friends. however, when she found out that I am ready to see someone else to after catching up with my ex. she gave me mixed signals of getting us back together but I don't take it seriously though it gave me hope. We started to talk about what went wrong to our relationship bu i tried to play it cool. though my heart is really breaking. that very day she was really happy being with me. I caught her staring at me, she plan of visiting our common friend because of newly born baby. She plan of celebrating her birthday, the day after just for the two of us. I really dont know if this plain friendship or she is thinking of taking things slow between us. Please Advice Thank you!


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  • it sounds like she got jealous you were moving on- she likes to be chased.


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