What does it mean when a guy says there are no need for labels in a relationship?

My boyfriend of 10 months broke up with me because of my 9 yr old daughter is acting out horribly and trying to push him away well the day after we broke up he said that we aren't going to live together but we will still see each other everyday and that we will still do everything we used to do then I asked him what the point of breaking up with me was then he said there just labels we kno what we are to each other and thats what matters
what the hell I am so confused can anyone help


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  • Sounds like he may be having a hard time committing, May be distancing himself or using you. Could be none of them. Either way, it seems a little odd to me. Have you asked him to explain what he means? Obviously at least one of you is confused and if he tries to say you know and you don't I'd personally call him out on it. That's just me. Im pretty blunt... wishing you the best in figuring this out and with your little girl. Mine acted out at 7 when I finally dated (long term). She's met two men in 5 years I've dated for at least a yr. It can improve with love, understanding and patience. My dgtr is turning 12 in a couple months and now teases me that she'll probably wind up married before I do. I don't date much. And I won't have an unhealthy relationship around my dgtr. If he's not telling you what's going on, that stress has got to be tough on your little girl too. Especially if he's moving/moved out. I do hope this is resolved in the best way for all of you however it turns out... thinking good thoughts!


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  • Sounds like he wants to play the field, cheeky bloke, I'd tell him your either together or your not your not a halfway house


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