What should I do about a possible reconciliation with my ex?

We dated for a year. Broke up about 4 months ago. I reached out to her today. She said she missed me. I'm cautious because I'm not sure she's resolved any of the issues that caused us to break up. I'm willing to give her another chance but I didn't come out and say it. I actively said the opposite, that while I didn't want to be friends I also didn't want to get back together because I was tired of putting for far more towards the relationship than she was. The issues that led to the breakup were entirely on her and she acknowledges that. She feels guilty about how she treated me. I asked her if she wanted to talk sometime about stuff that wasn't quite so heavy and she said we can talk whenever I want. I know she's probably still got the same issues but I've never had a better relationship and the only problem we ever had was her immense insecurity. What advice would you give to someone in my situation. I'm not really looking for "exes are exes for a reason" because I don't think it necessarily applies. We broke up because she didn't want to keep disappointing me. She says she was scared I'd eventually get tired of her and she ended it out of fear of me eventually rejecting her. I'd like to give this an honest second shot but take it slowly and keeping things light so maybe she feels more comfortable. Any other thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.


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  • As long as she's still insecure, it won't work out. Sorry. If her insecurity was the root of the problem, and it's still there, it's not gonna magically fix itself and work this time around. 4 months is not enough time to get some confidence, especially if you've been insecure for a long period of time.


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  • Leave her be, find someone worthy of your time and who's not insecure

  • Your wasting your time


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