Im still devastated a year later after being dumped?

my ex spent 2 years chasing me, met each othet after 8 months he turned to me and say you're not for me.i was devastated i humliated myself begged and pleaded for months nothing he blocked me had no choice but to go no contact..2 months ago he got in contact with me telling me he's happy and should meet up for casual an idiot noone needs tell me that.
Now imback to square one...hes back to calling me names..embarrassed he knew me..feel fat and ugly days seem pointless, i dont talk to anyone i have no friends I've shut myself away from my family..why did he come back knowing i loved hin why woiod anyone be cruel..

I hate my life anyone please advice


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  • You are desperate to be loved and you went back with him
    cause he has got control of you, just think how bad he
    has been to you than maybe you will realize he is no good
    i would suggest staying away from him cause he is most likely
    having sex with other women on the side


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  • Just for get him, he's not worth the time or energy really. People like him could never be happy. Who cares what he thinks. Put square one of you and his lying, manipulating ass nd throw him in the garbage! ! For get you ever met him!


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  • he is just an asshole! just don't care about him


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