Please someone answer my questions below:-1- what does that mean? 2- should i tell him about my feelings? 3- should he know about my pregnancy?

I'm officially divorced and i have a beautiful son i love him so much he's 6 years old me and he's father decided to get divorce because we realized that we can't be together anymore with no ((grudge)) but we still have contact together and have a great relationship out of love before a couple months my mother visit me and she take my son with her in a trip with her friends in the same day my ex husband came to take his son he wanted to make it a surprise for him but i told him that he's not here then i invited him in to my house and we were talking then we start dancing together and i don't know how or why but we slept together and we were super happy like two teenager in love and i didn't tell him about my feelings and he did the same thing too then he leave the house and he back to take our son after a couple days and i realized that I'm pregnant after our crazy night but i didn't tell him about anything because i don't know if i should or not it's been two months now.
Please girls and guys i need opinions here.
Dose he still love me?


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  • Go and talk to him girl you sounds like you really still love him.


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  • Yeah, you should tell him now. It will come out soon enough and the longer you keep the news from him, the harder it will get to let it out. So do yourself a favour and just let it out. Then you guys can work out the issues the arise together.

    • How should i tell him that I'm still in love with him it's been 4 years now and we're both singles. I can't see another man.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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  • 1. what does what mean? that he came back? maybe he had some sexual frustration that he needed to let out. regardless, i would've put my foot down and said either you love me or you dont.
    2. communication is key- especially when you have a son and one on the way
    3. yes, if you are sure he is the father.

    • I won't lie! I'm still in deep love with him but I'm afraid of telling him about that.

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    • I'm really afraid of that.

    • Thanks for sharing your wonderful opinion.

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