Guys how would you like to be broken up with? I don't want to hurt him...?

So there's we were talked for two weeks and he's attractive and seems nice but I just didn't feel a connection, so I ended things. He's been trying to talk to me for the past year and keeps saying he likes me. I decided to give him a chance. We have been talking for the past few months, and we've seen each other a few times but I've been away at school. I'm home now for the summer and he wants to start seeing each other more but I'm just not into him. I think by trying to give him a chance it came off that I liked him and now I don't want to hurt his feelings by telling him I don't. I was thinking about telling him I met someone else at school who I like, but I'm not sure. Honestly Guys would you rather hear I just don't like you or that I like someone else?


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  • Just be honest with him and tell him the truth, it will hurt him but you can't lie to him that will hurt him even more
    Its hard but it has to be done

    • Thanks! You're right I just thought it might make it easier. One more question, Since we don't see each other much would it be ok to do it through text or should I meet up with him just to tell him I don't like him?

    • Def meet up and tell him face to face! Have to do it this no matter how hard it is, but you can hint over text that your good friends etc

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  • honesty is best. hell be disappointed, maybe hurt-its only been two weeks after all- but at least he can walk away with his dignity in tact bc you respected him enough to treat him as a capable adult.

    Sooner you d it sooner he gets on with his life. he has NO future with you. let him get started on his own future without you.

    asap. really..just ip it off. too much dancing around feels condescending. be direct. not mean but no frills.


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  • You can break up with me every day just as long as I have made you scream for delight with the action of my cock first, I NEVER disappoint. Did you know the "make up again" sex is the next biggest turn on after the shag you have to knowingly make a baby?

  • Honesty is the best policy, it might hurt them for a few days, but it's a lot less than if they find out you lied to them.


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