Breaking up with my aggressive girlfriend.?

Intimidate insult

After this exhausting experience, I now feel so tired to go through same everyday-problem/problem solving process, this relationship has got me emotionally drawn-out, yet, she believe that it's me the responsible for ruining her life, blaming me for the smallest things I do un-intentional.
I know she still want me, and I do care about her, but, I see that the relationship is getting more complicated, and emotionally damaging for us both, not to mention that she's a very aggressive woman, and she physically assaulted me out of converstion's disagreement, to so, how
can I safely break up with her without feeling guilt and pulling her trigger that will damage her in some way?


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  • Dont just leave because she will torture herself. You need to take it slowly, tell her you want a break for a month-she should get used to not having you around and when you say look I want to break up she can she that its best for the 2 of you if your apart. Ignoring her and running away is a cowardly thing to do, she might be aggressive but at one point you cared about her so you can at least think about how it is for her (which your doing) rather than how much you want to leave


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  • Why would you feel guilt for someone who is clearly hurting you? In a breakup SOMEONE ALWAYS gets hurt. So just do it and be done with it. Any type of abuse is inexcusable and shouldn't be tolerated.

  • just disappear from her life dude because if you ever wanna tell her you want the relationship to end...she will keep on blaming just disappear


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