we dated then she ended it cause she was still in love with her ex and she thinks we are friends even though i still like her?

Basically we dated for a month.Then when i was away on work she ended it for a guy she hasn't seen in 2 yr (dated a month with him) and "might" be coming over from the US. Saw her again and she kissed me, asked her what the deal is between us after and she said she was sorry about the kiss and the situation is the same. She knows i still like her, really distraught on what i should do?


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  • This girl is REALLY confused. It's best to just move on. She is hurting you and it is not fair. It's best to just hurt now and cut her off rather than hurt later when she continues with this behavior. At best- you guys end up back together, but you will always be insecure that she's going to leave you again, and that will only drive you mad. Just cut her off for now, don't even try and be friends because your conflicting emotions will make things hard. It's best to just cut her off for now, that way in a few weeks you can see her again and actually see her for who she really is rather than being blinded by your emotions.


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  • Let's look at the facts.

    She dated him a month and left him.
    She dates you a month and leaves you. He's willing to get back with her.
    You are willing to get back with her.
    She leaves you guys wanting more.
    She hasn't seen him in 2 years and leaves you for the possibility of him.
    Seems like it's the excitement and novelty that gets her.
    Think carefully why you like her (write it down even, what kinds of traits predominate)? You might have your answer.


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  • Move on, and give a fuck about here. She probably comes running back for you after a while, but then you hopefully dont take here back. She sounds super unstable, not someone to get to involved with.


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