My ex left me and I want him back, any advice?

So I met a guy I work with and be hit it off right away the only problem was he had a girlfriend of 7 years, they didn't have a very good relationship and didn't spend any time together but he was stuck in a habit. We tried to stay away from one another but we just couldn't, we got on so well and the chemistry was amazing. We have so much in common and we never had a bad moment. He left his girlfriend for me and we were so excited we dived straight into being together. We went on romantic weekends away and spent all our time together. He told me he loved me under the stars in a hot tub. But now he's decided he needs to be alone, one day things were perfect and the next he "needs some space" he told me that he still loves me and he still wants to be close and he hopes we can sort things out in the long run but at the minute he doesn't want a relationship and he doesn't want me to wait around because he doesn't want to hurt me and isn't sure how long he will feel like this. I know we may have rushed things but when you love someone that much surely you can't just cut them off? We met to give our things back yesterday and the connection and attraction is still there. It's like nothing had changed. But when I'm away from him I miss him so much. Is there any chance we can sort this out?


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  • What do you expect? You can't just erase or delete a seven year relationship. And honestly, if he stayed with her for THAT long, then there was something substantial even though it may have been dysfunctional. So suddenly he "loves" you. Yeah right. In the beginning, he LUSTED after you, and thats about it. Being IN love doesn't magically change over night, and if it isn't REAL.

    People need time to process the ending of one relationship and the beginning of another. You might want him back, but it doesn't mean he feels the same, or will feel the same. For now, I suggest you let him go and work on you. Date other people, create some goals. Who really knows when he will be willing to revisited a relationship with you. Your best bet for now is to move on.


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