What are your thoughts on the 30 day no contact rule? As in the one you're supposed to follow when trying to get back an ex?

I want my ex boyfriend back. We've been friends for the past two months, hanging out all the time. I went home for the summer and plan on not talking to him 30 days. Then I plan on following Michael Fiore's text your ex back plan... thoughts?


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  • Moving on is the only way you will allow your ex to realise he made a mistake letting you go if he is going to. He needs to see that you are willing to get on with your life before he will realise what a great girl you were and what a mistake he has made, anything else just won't work, x


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  • It's probably a damn good idea.

    I am currently experiencing my very first break up. I am also currently sitting in my ex's room, using his laptop, after spending the night : /
    We're trying not to let go of the valuable, loyal friendship we built along with our relationship, but honestly, it's just making this so much harder for me. I can't stand the thought of him screwing or even just dating or simply just flirting with other girls and it's like I' sitting right next to him knowing I can't have him. It really hurts :(

    • yeah I saw him talking to another girl (even just as a friend) and I got super jealous...

      I meant also more of do you think it will help him develop feelings for me by missing me?

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    • I do want to be with him, and I'm not sure why we broke up. I thought we were perfect. I think its because we were spending too much time together.

    • Well, if that's how you feel then you should really sit down with him and have an open, honest discussion about preserving your bond. If you can't imagine life without it, then don't let it go

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  • I've never heard of this "rule." If you want him back, text/call him and tell him you want to talk about maybe getting back together. If he agrees then proceed, if he doesn't, get over the breakup because that's what it is. I wouldn't suggest going with any "plan" because it always seems too scripted. But, if that's how you usually are, then more power to you.

    I've had ex's that I wanted to get back with but never talked to, and 1 ex that I talked to after I got over the breakup, and we still talk occasionally after 5 years.

  • I've never tried it but seems like it would work, out of sight out of mind that's for sure.


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