Stay friends or No-contact, Please help me?

I'm Korean and i met a girl who is my ex and American (20 old).We had dated for almost 3 months. We really liked each other and dated every 3 days a week. I'm sure she liked me more than i liked her ( but we didn't have sex cause she never had sex so i didn't try to do sex with her until she's ready for it). but I'm kind of jealous person, and it made her got tired of me being jealous and we fought a lot. she doesn't like me anymore because i was so mean to her and hurt her so bad when we were fighting. when she said i want to break up with you and this relationship is hard and stressful. but i told her give me last chance when i was with her. and she gave the chance. but she wasn't like before she talked or acting and also she said that she can't promise anything. she said me " she can't do it anymore" even i tried to not be mean to her. so i accepted our breakup. After breakup 3 days, i started talking to her as a friend on Facebook but she said : In all honesty, right now I don't want to be in a relationship... I just want to calm down and stuff. But it can change in the future... so i accepted i was her friend cause i thought we could get back together and She always started talking to me everyday. Sometimes when we did Skype and she said : i really miss you and i still like you. And after a month (still talked each other), she asked can we see each other? so we met on May 15. we watched 2 movies and i stayed at her house for a little while. Before we met, she asked when we see each other, is it a date or just hangout? so i said : it depends on you, if you see me as a friend, it will just hangout. if you see me as a boyfriend, it will be a date. After we met on May 16, i asked it was a date or just hangout. she answered : what do you think it was? i think it was in the middle. i said : I had fun last night but it made me realize just how much I still like you. If you like me still, that's great. But if you only want to be friends from now on, I need to
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+know. Because I will only get hurt. but she just said : I do still like you, but not as much as you like me. I'm not sure if I want To jump into the relationship again, So I don't want to make you wait or hurt you. So it's ultimately your decision.
+ i said : so you mean you only want to be friends, right? she said : for now yeah. so i said : Okay, I think i need my time but Thank you for the answer. I'm not sure but i can decide what i want. I was happy to know about you.


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  • I think that if u dont contact her in any way and just go about ur life she could realise that she is missing you and since she still likes you there could be another chance

    • So..Should i still contact her or No-contact makes her miss me?

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    • I see, Thank you for your opinion. I'm going to visit my country soon..I hope I can move on if she doesn't text me anymore.. Anyways, Thank you :)

    • I am sure u will be able to time heals all wounds

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