I miss my ex so much. I've never felt so heartbroken. Help me?

It happened about a month ago though we still talk everyday and hang out. I don't know why honestly. He is moving on and he is hooking up with other girls though we still talk I'm pretty sure (I know we're both single but I can't handle the thought of it right now). I think I'm spiraling into a depression and even my ex notices it. He was my best friend. I have NEVER EVER felt this way about anybody before. I honestly think that he was "the one". What do I do? :( I'm so lost. I know we still have feelings for each other but we can't be together right now.


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  • Still being in contact with him just reminds you of how happy you were when you were together, which compounds the depression you feel now that you are apart. Unfortunately, in a relationship where you thought he was the one, but he apparently didn't, makes this emotionally devastating. I was in that position, and I had to break all ties with my ex, go through the pain, and move on. It was easier breaking all ties, but certainly not easy. I still think about that ex every now and then, but the pain is gone. That was 20 years ago. BTW, it didn't take 20 years to get over the pain, but almost a year before I could date other people on a serious level. Hang in there.


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