Why did my ex unblock me then block me on Facebook, where do I go from here?

Ok so I dated this girl for almost 3 years. We were High School sweethearts and were each others first. When she went to college she started changing she got new friends and started going out more and slowly we grew apart. She started talking to guys and we lost everything we had in common and it lead to a horrible break up I said mean things that I regret and in the end she said it was because she didn't feel the same. We tried talking but it wasn't the same everytime we did so we would stop a bunch of drama would happen feelings would be hurt until we cut each other off then a month or so later the cycle repeat. Finally we stoped talking for awhile and in that time she hooked up with another guy and looked like they were dating. I snaped on her and we haven't talked since she blocked me on everything and we had no contact for about 6 months or so. Well today I found myself unblocked on Facebook and then when I got home from work I was blocked again. What does this all mean and where do I go from here? P.s her and that guy don't look like they are still dating ( she was probably a booty call) but they still flirt I can't make sense of any of this.


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  • Where do you go from here?

    1. You find another girlfriend. I know it's hard, but she is an EX it's not going to work out anymore and you need to cut her of period.

    2. Why are you still friends with her on Facebook? Let me tell you a secret, guys should never ever be friends with their exe's either on FB or in real life--emotions ultimately always get in the way.

    3. Get rid of her number and if she calls don't answer. 'But why won't you answer' she asks. You answer; "Because I need to move on, we had a great relationship and I will always remember those memories we had, but it's clear that we are moving in different directions." However, you only say that if you get cornered by her or something. Don't answer her texts, don't answer the phone, don't answer her FB, cut her off.


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