Why is he so bitter and angry at me!!!

So was with my ex for 4 months all going great then I did a few things he didn't agree with he got really angry and ended things, it's been a month and I have contacted him a few times and he's responded he called me beautiful last week as it was my birthday so today I message him as I was doing something that reminded me of him he was short with his messages and then I just left it as have a good holiday and have a good birthday he didn't reply and I sent a thank you
Would of been nice he replied thanks for what
Messing up what we had! I said no for birthday he replies I will and I told
You us talking as mates won't work I just said sorry I will respect you want to be left alone there isn't a day that I don't miss you I could of easily fallen for you and been happy he replies should of thought of that bye :( is he completely and utterly done with me?


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  • sounds like he is still very bitter about your past relationship with him. i can't say if once he's given some more time if he will get over you, or want you again though. only time will tell.


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