Friends with benefits of 2 years broke up, sorta?

I gave my long time friends with benefits a few love letters I had written about him. I did it in a haste, we were kind of on edge, cuz the week before I told him I was gonna fuck with someone else, cuz he never returns my texts. He was like alright. Then he was acting mad about that, so a week later, I just gave him the letters I had been holding onto for months. I asked for them back. He said why. I said cuz they're mine. I told him he doesn't care about me, then he said we're done. He's been mad ever since. He told his best friend he doesn't want to get hurt again. And that he also didn't realize how much I liked him. But I don't care, he is acting all mad, then keeps my letters right on his night stand. I try to reach out to him, but he's ignoring me. He came over the other day and just stared at me like a lost puppy. I don't know. I still care for him, he'll always be a good friend, but I want more. That's it. What should I do? Try to start over? Leave it alone? Let time go by and try to talk to him about it? May I add he's super shy.


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  • Try to start over.You know you like him and definite he likes you too. Be vocal and initiate the convo.
    Good Luck.

    • So I should just erase the board and act as if nothing happened. Just act like we just met?

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