I walked away... Will it make her want me back?

I started seeing a girl who was super interested in me... From the get go she didn't want a relationship... I respected that and we hung out and had fun. We ended up having sex on several occasions... Always have fun together. Recently she said she just wanted to be friends bc it felt too much like a relationship what we were doing... I told her I needed time to think, and eventually told her I didn't want to be her friend. Don you think there is any chance she will miss me and decide she wants a relationship with me? She always said I was a great guy, and hated herself for not wanting to date me, she just wanted to focus on herself for awhile.


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  • Girls always change their minds. If you completely cut her off she will come back no doubt about that. She seems like there is some emotion so it most likely she will and her coming back won't happen right away I mean she does want to work on herself.

    • I agree... There is def emotion there on both parts so I will just wait it out... We cross paths kinda often because of work, she's a nurse and I'm a paramedic... How should I talk to her when I see her at work?

    • wonder if this same thing goes for guys haha

    • You have to be kind but not too kind where she knows she can have you back

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  • I understand if you want more. I would be happy with just being friends that have sex. Sounds easy to me. She may come around later when she is ready to commit.

    • Well I was happy with it, but she said it felt too much like a relationship...

    • Sorry, I don't follow, is the sex too much for her with the friendship? Or is she feeling the sex will lead to a relationship and she doesn't what that?

    • Sex is too much for a friendship since she usually only sleeps with guys that she dates

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  • if i said that it would mean im not ready to be intimate -emotionally- with you and saying were just friends doesn't mean we aren't being intimate.

    titles dont mean much. the situation was too much for her. doesn't matter what you call it.

    doesn't mean she dosnt have feelings for you. she prob does. thats probably why just being friens and having sex felt like a relationship.

    and she's not ready. I don't know if shell come back. depends on how not ready she is.


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  • I think she meant what she told you. You only compounded it


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