Why do guys do this after a break up?

My ex went and told this other guy "I had sex with her and dumped her" it hurt me bad. I never expected that from him and he's not like that. It caught me by surprise. After he broke up with me, I think he expected me to be begging him which I didn't and to be all sad (I don't show him that I'm sad) I act fine. But why would he do this? We had ended in good terms and now he's being immature.


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  • honestly it is mostly a coping thing, some guys think that if i can make others think that maybe it will help me get over her


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  • He's bitter and immature and it's an awful way to hurt you. Sometimes guys (and girls) like the leverage they have over you and will use it against you. He's upset he's losing that power. Walk tall muffinator!

    • Aww, thank you, I will try to walk tall! It really is awful, I didn't see it coming. He is losing power, but at the same time it's just another reminder that I'm still on his mind. I eventually confronted him about it, his response was "I did, but I was kidding" he apologized, but how's that forgiveable.

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    • Even after you're broken up you don't just suddenly stop caring about someone. He seems to know that and is using it against her.

    • It's a power trip kind if deal

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