Why did my ex lie to me when we broke up?

So this guy I was dating stopped seeing me and the reason he kept telling was was that he was too busy. I knew it was a lie though, and the real reason was that he recently met a new girl. I also noticed that he might have been blocking me from seeing all of his Facebook pictures. Why did he lie to me and not just tell me the truth? Was he trying to let me down easily so I wouldn't be as upset?


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  • I don't think he cared about your feelings. If he did, he wouldn't have cheated in the first place and just broke it off, then pursued other girls.

    He probably just didn't want you to yell at him and deal with that drama. If you were just dating, I don't see this as being a big deal though.

    • Clearly he didn't want me to see pictures of them together. Why is this such an issue if he doesn't care how I feel? I feel like if I was in his shoes, I'd just be like "Hey I have a bf now."

    • Again, he probably just didn't want the drama. Maybe he wasn't hiding her from you, but you from her. By blocking you from certain pictures and posts, you can't comment. Thus, the other girl doesn't know about you.

      Or possibly he wanted to have you both until he knew for sure who he wanted.

    • Makes sense. So in general did he lie because he thought I would sabotage him and the new girl if I found out the truth? Or did he lie so my ego would be less bruised (losing out to another girl sucks).

  • Clearly you didn't matter to him


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