Ex say he still me, but have girlfriend?

I was sick for some month so I want to be friend for few months with my ex and get back together when I feel better. On me waiting to long he got a new girlfriend ( she don't look all that hot) on Thursday I found some pic of my ex new girlfriend post pic of them in bed. I yell text him about it, when he read the text he call me ASAP try to talk to me about the whole thing, at first I did not won't talk him but he keep try until I call him. I told Him I alway want him back and I still love him never stop, but at that time thing was not look good for both of us. Me sick and he was trying to found a new place to live and move (I help with all that) now me and my ex talk about it. It's seem we both want each but thinking opposite of thinking ( he think I don't want him no more I just want to friend not else ) I was think the same to, we don't say anything about how we felt about each other we was just go with it and hope it play it self out. He told me that he never want to break up , he thought I just don't want him no more and few month wait for me make a move. When I don't make that move he move on, but still text and talk me, he also say he never stop me love. I ask can we work it out , he say to much distance and he have to think about. We date 4 year and got along great, we both feel safe and happy around each other. In the 4 year of dating we never go into argument with each other until now. I ask can we go out sometime he say he let me know when he have the time. before I ask him that , I ask was this girl important he say she just a friend ( I don't want step on ones toe) I don't know what to think about this , well he pick me or her I want him back. should I let go and move on or work hard to get him back.


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  • This guy wants what he wants when he wants it. If he was really in love, he would not only wait for your illness to pass, he would be waiting on you hand/foot to make you better.
    You didn't plan this as a test but he surely FAILED it and raises the BIG question will he do this again? I vote yes. If you become in a life/death situation, can he be counted on to help save you? I vote no.
    The other gal deserves him and has been forewarned he will do the same to her someday... she deserves such treatment, since it's doubtful she was blind to her contributions in these matters.
    Whatever he speaks hereafter will only be words designed to get you back in bed.


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  • He has a new girl, just drop it


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