Have you ever broke up with a live in partner and if so why would you spend all that energy moving in with someone just to go through that stressful?

And awkward situation? I never lived with a SO but I read, an article that living with a SO makes you dependent
I never said it would make you dependent the article said that


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  • I disagree, I feel it makes you both independent, but when you form a partnership, you choose to use each other as a crotch, extra stability. A bit like walking with a walking stick, and then choosing to use two, it becomes that little bit easier. The only time we become dependant really is when we choose to progress the relationship, because it always depends on the other on how far and fast or slow they want to take it. For instance, I wanted to get engaged, you didn't, then the progress is simply dependant on you, so I then become the dependant one because I want to progress the relationship further. Hope this helped, x

    • I never said it would make you dependent the article said that

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    • Sorry, I think I might of read that a little to quick. Sorry for not paying enough attention to your post, x and yes Flying turtle, I think you might be right there lol, sorry, x

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  • Why would you spend the energy moving in only to have to move back out? Uh, maybe because no one plans on breaking up, that's something of the future that is yet to be determined. I don't think, for the typical person, that living with an SO makes you dependant. I think it teaches you how to cohabitate with someone successfully, you learn how to be a team and that certainly doesn't make you dependant. I have broken up with a live in partner and it sucked, but, I wouldn't have come to realize how wrong we were for each other if I hadn't lived with him, so I don't regret it. My current SO we moved in together after dating for 4 months, got engaged at 8 months and now 3 years later we're having our wedding. All that matters is what works for that particular couple.

    • Please, read my update

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    • Yea whatever

    • Lol, what's yer deal? Why so ornery? It's a beautiful Saturday :)

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