Whys he still so angry? Should I give up and move on?

My ex ended things a month ago I haven't got over it and I have tried with no avail to be in contact with him he would reply quite calmly at first then yesterday he went a tad mental saying you messed it up with us and I should of thought about it before I did what I did which wasn't that bad he just got angry with some of my actions and ended it I just said ok sorry I will delete your number and leave you alone about 4 hours he text bak I gave you plenty of chances it just didn't work out so I told him I am sorry for what I did n I regret it I know my actions caused us to split up and he's an amazing guy and to take care he never replied I feel I have tried everything should I really just delete his number and move on :(
There was no cheating involved


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  • Of course, its over. Should you even ask about this? I have always believed that a person who actually accepts that is it is his/her fault is really strong, and its only right to forgive the person because he/she is highly unlikely to commit the same mistake again. If this guy is so stone-hearted that he is unwilling to forgive a woman who is frankly accepting her mistake and apologizing, then he's certainly not worth getting back with. There will be plenty of other men who actually appreciate you for owning up.

    This is of course, assuming that you didn't cheat on him. Cheating is something which should never be forgiven, because people who cheat once are highly likely to cheat again and again.


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