How do I get her back when everything is against me? Please HELP!

It's simple, I am madly in love with my ex-girlfriend. I think about her nearly every second of every day, I always wish she were right by my side, I imagine our future together and how amazing it would be to wake up next to her every morning and tell her how much I love her.

I broke up with her nearly 7 months ago for stupid reasons to do with spending time with friends, and after she said that she would never give me another chance. I understand why she said that because I hurt her so much. But eventually within those 7 months she got a boyfriend who really likes her, but she didn't like him that much.

She would call me and tell me that she still loved me and how she wishes I were him, and how she wishes we could go back in time to how things used to be between us when we were together. Eventually she broke up with boyfriend but said that she still wanted to be friends with him because they were friends with one another before they began dating. She would always say that she missed me and wanted to see me.

So after several cancelations, she met me last night for dinner. It was amazing. We ate dinner and then sat in her car for a little bit, where she talked about how her ex-boyfriend didn't care about her when they had sex and how he would always get mad that she wasn't able to get wet for him when they had sex. But she said that she never had these problems with me.

We left her car and went somewhere in agreement to have sex. Which we did and it was everything that I had been missing for so long.

I love this girl more than anything else in this world. The only thing is that she is leaving for college, which is about 4 hours away in 2 months. I know that she wants to be friends, but what can I do to convince her that we can be more than just friends again? I do appreciate our friendship, but I want so much more with her.

What can I do to be in a relationship with her again and does anybody have any idea of what she is thinking?

Like what does she still hang around her ex-boyfriend?

Basically, how can I win this girl back?
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She said that she doesn't want to be in love with me. What do I do to win her back?
How do I get her back when everything is against me? Please HELP!
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