Is this worth breaking NC for?

while dating a guy i lost a VERY important document from my wallet along with 2 credit cards..later i foud out this guy cheated on me amongst other things all in all i was left very hurt...about a week after that stuff went missing i did start to suspect he may have taken them but with no real evidence i couldnt accuse him...he start joking about me stealing his ssn (something i never even thought of) one time when i punched my pin into an atm he made a joke about seeing it i just took these as jokes...but after seeing the person he is i wouldn't put it past him & i really think he has the document that i NEED in order to work that costs 400 dollars to replace & he can't do anything with it..unless he could have sold it? idk...after a horrible break up that even got physical that was 6 weeks ago..i just got a job offer that i cannot accept without the card i haven't broken nc not even once & i have no urge to because i hate his guts...i know emotionally this isn't a ploy to reconnect because i dont want him but is it worth it for me to even ask & plead to his humanity about the card if he has it or "found" it sense then or is it just gonna be pointless cause he'll see that as contact & deny having the card anyway?i also have my mothers fb password & thought maybe i could send a message through hers (we are both 20) so that its more authoritative & doesn't seem like i want to talk...i dont have 400 bucks right now & i need the just wondering if it seems at all worth going through this & if you guys would try it what route you'd take...or just call it a loss?
  • break NC it's an importnat document who cares what he thinks..he may feel bad & give it back if he really took it
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  • use your mothers account...that way he won't feel like he can contact you & may be more inclined to admit he took it
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  • call it a loss...if he took it he isn't going to give it back now
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  • yes girl call it loss because that is what it is.

    You already know and are right.

    There is no chance that an appeal to the heart is going to work on someone who has no heart. He lies to himself and as consequence the rest of the world.

    You have to be strong do best you can and forget about this past.

    • this exact train of thought is why i never sent a message asking about it...until i got the job offer...its kind of a "its at least worth a try" feeling...but you are right although i feel he knows about how it got lost...he'd only tell me if he gained something from telling me

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  • the question is. If he does have it will we even give it back

    • i was thinking maybe he felt guilty at all in the past 6 weeks about any of it he may give it back?especially once he realized he can't use the cards he took trying to weigh options thinking is it worst to contact & not get it or not contact when maybe i wouldve?what am i losing by contacting...i know it won't set me back emotionally in moving on cause i pretty much have..but it will hurt my pride a bit...& if i not message him & he would have given it i lost a job/400 dollars...does asking him from my moms account seem ridiculous?

    • Yea because he has no integrity or morals

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  • You'll get nothing. Find a way around him.

    • only way around is not getting the job...but you are most likely right...did you have anything in mind when u said "find a way around"...going to the police won't do anything...sinc it went missing like 2 months ago

    • Ask the agency; what is required is a proof so having them fax a proof is very possible. You'd be surprised what you can get just by asking. Been ether, done this too.

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