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My bf and I had an argument almost two weeks ago. He removed me fr his facebook, told me I was a sleazeball and to have a nice life, that I wouldn't be hearing from him again. This was all over suspicions he had over my 10yr old son 'spying' on him for his father (my ex husband)-which couldn't be further from the truth. I told him he was crazy and me having to deal with his internal battles is exhausting. So we hadn't spoke since (two wks almost) up until last eve when I reached out to him. I apologized for how things are right now and for my unfavorable words. I said I would like to talk to him if he was inclined, he replied thanking me for my apology and said 'perhaps we may talk sometime'. Is that a brush off? He's quite stubborn and overly sensitive, more so than me. Im wondering if someone can give me a male point of view on his reply. Should I give up?


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  • Sometimes it takes a bit more than one reach out. Sounds like there are issues with this guy and feeling really intimidated about your ex still in the picture and/or maybe your son not liking him. That is a lot for a guy to take in when dating someone with kids/divorced. I think he need more reassurance from you. Reach out again.

  • I will say, he has lost interest in you. You have the sex weapon to use. If he has got someone else he won't return to you until and unless, he receives no more from the other girl. When he returns back, he want only sex from you nothing else. So at that time use it cleverly. Just give him the casual reply and go on with your male friend but remember dont hurt that male friend coz he may fall for you. So choose a male friend such that he doesn't fall for you and your boyfriend get jealous. Dont be over-emotional with your boyfriend.



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